Succeed your Digital Training

The health crisis has accentuated the need to make different types of training accessible remotely but, today, many industrial companies have technical training that is not compatible with remote broadcasting. Whatever the industry, our customers share the same challenges with us, whether it is training their employees, their customers or their partners.

Facing the need to digitize their training in a short time, almost all our interlocutors have started to use the virtual classroom and have met different types of difficulties: not all training courses lend themselves well to this, it is difficult to capture and maintain the attention and commitment of trainees, the results are not the same as in face-to-face, etc.

So, how can you succeed in digitizing face-to-face training? How to choose the right methods and the right tools? ATEXIS shares its best practices in 3 tips:

  1. During the first exchange, it is essential to define some strategic information regarding customer needs. However, it is crucial to know the needs of your audience. Too often the trainee is left out in the definition of a digital solution. It is important to identify and confirm the desired level of training (for example level 1 – overview -, level 2 or 3), the level of trainees (heterogeneous or homogeneous, experts or beginners), and what the trainee must have learned at the end of the training (theoretical, practical).
  2. Choose the best training methods: according to the different inputs and depending on the technical constraints, one or more training methods will be proposed, for instance: an e-learning will allow trainees to follow their training when they wish on any type of medium and possibly in several stages; a virtual classroom will allow to support the audience with a trainer who can answer the questions and offer more personalized training; a video (or a motion design) can be distributed on a very large scale without a specific tool to host the training.
  3. Take time to prepare the content: creative and relevant contents are halfway to win the attention of your audience. ATEXIS ensures an upstream phase of the training project by involving business experts as soon as possible so that the client can find an interlocutor who knows his field and speaks the same technical language.

That said, “single modality” training has become very rare and the combination of e-Learning, face-to-face training and practical learning on the same subject is becoming a standard approach. Digital training allows you to adapt your trainings to the different circumstances and audiences – it is easy to implement it but some conditions are required.

At ATEXIS we have a dedicated team of experts working on this field. We hope their experience and tips can be useful to you.