ATEXIS is a growing company with a large number of locations across Europe and India. We are working closely with technologies, helping our customers to transform their complex systems to digitalization. This requires us to remain flexible and to be adaptable to new trends and potential, quickly.

Thanks to our international identity, we are enriched by different skills and experiences of our people as well as various methods of working and diverse languages and cultures. This diversity allows us to create a unique company culture which we are using to ensure awareness, creating a common point of orientation and mutual understanding.


The cultivation of a strong company culture at ATEXIS benefits not only those who work within the company, it also translates into successful relationships with our customers. At ATEXIS, our people are our backbone, our asset and our strength. With a strong team of integrated and motivated people we can provide our services in a way that suits our customers best.


At ATEXIS we are focusing on our company culture because we believe it to be the basis for a good working environment that is fuelled by motivation and collaboration.

Thanks to the commitment and engagement of our people, we have been able to draw the image of who we currently are and where we are determined to go. Our Company Values combine both.

In the video our Group Communication Manager, Carina, gives you some insights as to why and how our company culture continues to evolve.



Bigger, faster, better – we are always checking the markets and customer needs to identify the trends and requirements of tomorrow. Fairs, forums and exhibitions are some of the channels we use.

Our colleagues from Iasi love challenges, especially when it is for a good cause. Together they swam 49 lengths to support humanitarian projects.

To make sure that we are led by innovation, knowledge, excellence and commitment we share information and make sure that our services are experienced by our people.


Team Spirit shows up in simple moments such as when colleagues make other colleagues smile. Here you can see our colleagues in Bangalore having fun together during a coffee break.

We are preparing for the future together as some of our colleagues from Hamburg, Iasi, Bangalore and Toulouse are accelerating our international growth.

To promote growth together as a team, our colleagues in Iasi participated in a team building workshop.


In interactive workshops we learn from each other. In this one our colleagues from Seville and Madrid analyzed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats.

Learning is about knowledge exchange, something that our colleagues from Quality, Stefan based in Hamburg and Imran based in Bangalore, take very seriously.

We enjoy learning in many ways! Here you see our colleagues from Seville and Madrid experiencing collaboration and team work in a totally different way than usual.


Respect means to us that we must value one another no matter how different we are. Here is a picture taken of our colleagues Ionut and Sergiu who participated in the HSH Nordbank Run in Hamburg to help those in need.

Our colleagues from Seville organized an Open Door Day for our people’s children guided by the ideas of respect and diversity. The objective of the event was to encourage us, our colleagues and their kids, to believe in ourselves and embrace diversity as it is: an enrichment and a potential power.

With personal effort our colleagues in Iasi organize several local events to support humanitarian projects.


Reyes Flores

Reyes Flores

Recruiter Spain
Marie Laurent

Marie Laurent

Recruitment Manager France