At ATEXIS we work on multiple systems including: aircrafts, ships, cars and trucks. We optimize the life-in-service of all these types of complex systems and by doing so, we make a difference for our customers’ efficiency and the market evolution.

We are amidst the Digital Revolution and through the usage of the latest technologies we are helping our customers with their transformation to a future-proof company. To guarantee this, continuous learning is a key condition and one of the core values at ATEXIS. Whether you are a longstanding colleague or newcomer – at ATEXIS you’ll find an environment of learning at all levels. ATEXIS continues to grow and we are always on the lookout for new colleagues with diverse skills and experiences to join the team.

Why Join Us

International Footprint

We have several locations throughout Europe and India, working with suppliers and for customers all over the world. Being part of the ALTEN group we have created a mature and expanding global network that offers a wide range of various opportunities for us and our people.

Cutting Edge Technology

We offer our customers the latest digital innovations with Automation and Digitalization at the core of our competences. To ensure this, our R&D department and engineers are constantly looking for new trends and technologies.

Expanding Company Culture

A strong company culture creates a foundation for motivation, collaboration and a positive work environment. At ATEXIS, these points are essential. Through the collaboration of our global team, we have identified Our Company Values as: Ambition, Team Spirit, Learning and Respect. Each value is a part of the compass that guides us to reach and maintain our common goal: a strong and evolutionary company culture shaped by our people.

Room to Grow Professionally

Our continuous expansion creates room for professional growth. We support your ambition to develop an international career in management, technical expertise and leadership, with the potential to move to other locations. Together we are working on our soft and hard skills to be able to cope with any forthcoming challenges.


Reyes Flores

Reyes Flores

Recruiter Spain
Marie Laurent

Marie Laurent

Recruitment Manager France